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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Snog, marry, avoid

It’s one of the key questions of the election so far. So we’re happy to clarify the position of women aged 25-34 in social groups C1/2 and D - the ‘Lambrini Ladies’ – in regard to the vital political question of Snog, Marry or Avoid?

Gordon Brown

Avoid 85%

Snog 9%

Marry 4%

Don’t know who he is: 3%

David Cameron

Avoid 68%

Snog 15%

Marry 16%

Don’t know who he is: 2%

Nick Clegg

Avoid 66%

Snog 16%

Marry 7%

Don’t know who he is: 11%

So: Nick Clegg is the most snoggable. David Cameron is the one to marry. And the Prime Minister is the one to avoid.

The absolute figures for Nick Clegg are somewhat lower, given that just over 10 percent of respondents didn’t know who he was. Mind you, there was also some 3% who didn’t know who the Prime Minister was either...

There is a more serious side to this – honest, there is – and it’ll follow shortly.

The survey was carried out by Opinion Matters, 24/3/10-6/4/10, who spoke to 1416 women in C1, C2 and D social groups; the data reported here come from the 430 in the 25-34 age group.

Professor Philip Cowley

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  1. What would your personal preference be on each question then Prof? (on a complete tangent, when I was young enough to play this game it was 'kiss, kill or marry', which might add a new dimension if used in a political survey...)


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