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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Now that's what I call a poll

"Who said elections were dull?"
Until the debates, every opinion poll during the election had shown the Conservatives on 38+/-3, and Labour on 30+/-3. The YouGov poll published in the Sun today is the first to show movement beyond the sort of fluctuations you get from sampling error.

And how. It puts the Lib Dems in second place, with 30%, behind the Conservatives on 34%, with Labour now trailing in third (28%).

There are multiple reasons to be at least cautious about a) assuming that things will stay like this, or b) trying to work out what that means in terms of seats. These are explained very well at the superb UK Polling Report website.

But the one thing we can be certain of – it’s certainly livened things up. Who said elections were dull?

Professor Philip Cowley


  1. But doesn't this mean that we are talking about polls and not opinions? Isn't this just another example of process over politics - about which the great Alastair Campbell often rails?

  2. A vote for Mr. Clegg is a vote for Labour...enough of this misery..We need real change..a government with a real mandate to govern...


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